What do I wear?

I want everyone to feel at ease and enjoy themselves without feeling “on show”  So simply wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. You will  probably get hot so of course something as cool as possible.  Most  people attend in everyday casual gear and after a while a few  people do get into specialist Zumba merchandise, please contact us if you are interested in this area. We would suggest bringing a change of top to change into after working out.

What is the booking procedure?

There isn’t one! I try and make it as easy and practical for busy and full lifestyles! So if you fancy it, just roll up and party! Obviously if classes start getting full to the point that it’s detrimental, we shall work something out and if that’s the case we’ll put something clearly on the site but for now you can assume that you can just roll up. New students we request fill in a very simple form,  just gives us an idea of how you heard about us, brief health questionnaire and phone number or email so regulars can be contacted should there be an unexpected class cancellation.

Footwear  for Zumba , is definately important especially on hard surfaces. Our current 6.30pm Tues Parrswood class floor  is quite hard so footwear very relevant to this session. We recommend a light running shoe to provide some cushioning, they are designed for running on hard pavements so they work well for this situation.  They are not so ideal for general movement as running shoes are really designed for forward and back motion only but we think that the cushioning quality is most important and to if necessary compromise on the other qualities. On the Wed and Thurs classes the venues have wooden sprung floors so most good quality trainers would suffice. We also suggest bring small bottle of water and a small towel.

I am not very fit and I am overweight is Zumba for me?

DEFINATELY, a lot of Zumba instructors are also older in their 40’s 50’s 60’s,  students in their 70’s and over attend Zumba classes. Teenagers are welcome, although for our classes we do not have very young children as our classes are for adults (say not below 15) We do not object to bringing younger members of family if want to sit to one side aslong as dont interrupt main class, so suggest get them to bring something fun to do.   Zumba’s world wide success is due in part that it has been specifically designed to be a Family Activity. If you are overweight don’t worry actually most of the Nation is! Don’t blame yourself, blame modern life where computers and cars are very good at what they do. Modern work is very stressful and often long hours. Our bodies are designed to be active and suffer if they are not. So you are doing exactly the right thing by reading this as it means that you are thinking about doing a Zumba class and having fun while get fit and burn calories.

I have 2 left feet and I can’t remember any steps, what if I can’t keep up?

Don’t worry at all. The Zumba does not concentrate on teaching dance moves and sequences. Of course these are used but the emphasis is to get into the FEEL of the music first and to proceed from there.  For example the Merengue which is a type of Latin music. The FEEL of the merengue can be captured with a  simple march done with attitude.  So if you have never been to any kind of dance or fitness class,  once you hear a piece of exhillarating Merengue you ill be marching and you will get into the GROOVE! The instructor will use hand signals as where to go so you don’t have to worry about left and right feet.  The march in your own time can be progressed into “moves” or sequences or left simply in the form of a plain march. There are at  least 5 or 6 different flavours or styles that are used in the Zumba class so your interest will be maintained.

What makes the Zumba Fitness class so special and Unique?

Two things, first the Music. For a start using really characterful Latin and World Music that is the original and best, not some poor cover version. The sheer multi million pound size of the Zumba Organisation making it by far the largest Fitness network in the world means that it has the clout to go to the very top Artists and record companies and use the Original and best Latin and World Dance Music. Zumba instructors who are in the ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) have access to this fabulous music and the appropriate teaching material to go with it.  The second thing is is the special Music Led Zumba formula. The material is carefully designed with the emphasis on Fun and Fitness rather than complicated dance moves or sequences. You can pitch in at any level in exactly the same way as in a gym you can choose what weights to use for your workout. By pinning the material to the music you get into the “feel” and excitement of the music which makes the workout not feel like a workout but a Zumba Fitness Party!

I have done a lot of Zumba and other fitness classes, will the classes be too easy for me ?

Please bear in mind that Zumba classes are Fitness Classes not Dance classes. So if you are advanced then you can easily increase the level of Fitness of what you do so that you are challenged fully. In the same way as a total beginner doing a leg press would start with a very small weight, an advanced user will do the very same exercise but with far bigger weights. So if the class instructor has to start the class off with a simple march to the front or has to do this part way in the class so as to get everyone on time, then you can do this march on very bent legs. (Just try doing a plain march on very bent legs it’s a killer!) You can add in lower back flexions, even Tahitian hip rolls,  you can add in plies in on alternate bars of the music. So you can still get a really good body workout and enjoy the atmosphere of lots of people at different levels doing the same thing around you and having great fun!

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