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All the Zumba classes are taken by Nikki Franklin (Zehara) who is well known in Manchester for her legendary  thriving World and Belly Dance classes.  Zehara is a full time professional dancer and teacher and has been able to sustain a living from this for the last 15 years.  She has recently qualified as a Zumba instructor and is a member of ZIN network.

In fact Nikki realised the underlaying aims of Zumba and Zehara method were in fact the same! That is get people partying, get them moving to fun World Music and bringing in to the mix  the African and belly dance hip action. A Zehara Zumba class is an unforgettable experience of sheer vitality, excitement and joy that will sweep you off your feet!  

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Some reviews received in writing about Nikki’s Zumba Class!

Just to say that Mary and I really enjoyed the class last night Jean Wild

I feel Energised and it’s so much fun

Yep love my Wednesday Zumba - it's the one class I try very hard NOT to

miss!!    Tracey Birchanell

I’ve never lost so many calories laughing!

I've not encountered any dance class so enjoyable or inspiring during the time I've been in Manchester. Fiona Smith

Zehara has taken belly dancing to a different level, and brings her own skill and imagination into every class she teaches. I have tried other classes on the odd times she has been away and they are slow and lack the Zehara factor. Her classes are so energetic that with the stresses of life you can go in feeling worn out and come out rejuvenated and this keeps you going until the next week  Nikki Unger

Well after a stressful day, I can't wait to get to class tonight. Nothing like a bit of shimmying to shake those blues away! By going to the classes I've also lost half a stone in January, and still ate chocolate! I would urge anyone to come to the class and give it a go. I'll guarantee several will leave with a smile and your face, eager to come back for more, and finally become a huge fan of me xxx  Louise Lundgren

Loved tonight's class at Parr's Wood; every cell and synapse buzzing  - Thank you! Fiona Smith

Had my first lesson tonight, absolutely loved it! See you next week - Saskia Corte-Massey

"Ayesha.... Ayesha.... Ecoutez-moi!" Where else can you dance to hula, reggae, turkish, african, house, Manu Chao and feel like you've had a good work out without even noticing? Thanks Zehara. Really enjoyed tonight's class at Parr's Wood -  Fiona Smith

I used to be a member of a gym but found that I wasn’t reaching my goals as I was unmotivated (like many of us) and wanted to find a fun way to keep fit. Before my 1st session I had all the usual concerns of what should I wear, will I be able to keep up etc but upon arriving all my concerns disappeared because Zehara was friendly and approachable and made me feel very welcome, the music started and I just went with the flow.  Kelly Forsythe   

Zeharas dance is unique and upbeat she is passionate about what she does and encourages everyone to join in and share her love of dancing. I’ve been hooked ever since and no longer require the gym as this keeps me fit whilst having fun with fantastic people, it also gives me a chance to let my hair down and feel liberated.

I have never attended any other classes before that leave me feeling so positive and full of energy.  Come along and give it ago!!

Just a quick note to say I really enjoyed it last night – it was great to do a few of the old ones – unfortunately I forget most of them the minute I walk out of the door – but when you play them again, it’s like “Oh yes I remember that one”.  

But I also LOVED the new “Egyptian” one – and the music for that one too!  It reminded me that I never did try the belly dancing so maybe I’ll have to try that on a Tuesday night – I need to work on my wiggle and sharpen up my shimmy  - Tracey B’

Thanks again for a great, FUN workout!

I  attended your zumba class yesterday evening and i just wanted to say how much fun me and my friend had! in fact we are going to start coming to your belly dance class on a tuesday and zumba on a thursday!  I have never really enjoyed dance classes as i have 2 left feet but i loved zumba!   Claire - I

Marie  -  you are brillant at what you do and teach everyone well.

My sister-in-law Beverley who came with me about three weeks ago enjoyed your class and is hoping to come to one soon and she thought you were excellent.

Let me tell you something about a year and half ago I had to have a major operation and nearly died on the operating table. I had fibroid tumours one the size of a 25 week baby, so had to have a hysterectomy. Thankfully I have lived to tell the tale. I am now getting back to good health and fitness and with swimming and the help of your classes I have lost nearly 4 stone. Your classes are brilliant and a great workout.

Hi Zehara, Thank you for an excellent class tonight - we really enjoyed ourselves.  - Martine

Hi Nicki,  Really enjoyed last nights session, you're dancing is very addictive!!  - Kelly

Hiya,  Been to your classes a few times and LOVED them so much   Gillian x

Nikki Unger - I had my first lesson 13 years ago and still love it as much.  Zehara is a one off, in the best way!!!   See you next week ^o^

Last night was such a giggle!  Kelly Forsythe -

Hi Nikki,

ANOTHER great class tonight! Some new routines to keep us on our toes which is good.  Hazel and I were saying that the fun things are good too - the 2 circles and the long lines - gets people having a bit of fun and a few laughs so they know it is for fun and not about perfect dance moves!      Tracey Birchanell